Angela Merkel Admits Germany Has “No-Go Areas”

This stupid bitch has destroyed Germany.

EDL Founder Tommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter

All the more moderate right wing figures are going to be purged from social media.

Putin Introduces Modern Nuclear Arsenal to the World

Looks like Putin caught everyone by surprise with this announcement.

South Africa Votes to Seize Farm Land From Whites

These niggers are so stupid. This same policy was a miserable failure in Zimbabwe.

Winter Olympics Receives Extremely Poor Television Ratings

I almost forgot that the Olympics were even happening.

UN Security Council Adopts 30-Day Ceasefire Across Syria

The Syrians with Russian and Iranian help have been bombing the shit out of a terrorist enclave to the east of Damascus.

German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial

If shower room gas chambers were real, why is it illegal to question them?

Germany: Anti-Fascist Terrorists Disrupt AfD’s Women’s March in Berlin

More chicanery from the Jew controlled anti-fascist terrorists.

Ex-CIA Operative Says America Has Long Meddled in Foreign Elections

It's OK for the United States to meddle in foreign elections because they're the good guys!