Monday, September 23, 2019

Iran Cuts Off Internet Access in Several Cities

Looks like things are escalating in Iran.

Trump Pushes For Overthrow of the Iranian Government

Overthrowing Iran's government puts Israel first, not America first.

Facebook Bans Chechen Leader

So apparently Facebook is operating as an arm of the United States government now.

Anti-Government Protests Spread In Iran

Looks like the Zionists are trying to stir up trouble in Iran.

Topless Femen Skank Tries to Steal Baby Jesus From Vatican

Here's yet another example of why we need White Sharia.

United States Cuts $285 Million from United Nations Budget

Less money for the UN is a step in the right direction.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz Opposing “Refugee” Redistribution in Europe

Hopefully more countries will swing to the political right like Austria has.

UN Rejects Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration With a 128-9 Vote

This over the top pro-Israel agenda is making the world hate Jews even more.

#MeToo: Theresa May’s Top Deputy Forced Out

One could argue that #MeToo is the greatest thing of the year.

Australia: Sand Monkey Drives Car Into a Crowd of People

I am shocked to see that another Moslem has used a car to try and deliberately kill people.