Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Trump Cancels Visit to Islamic Shithole of London

London is one of the biggest shitholes in the world thanks to racial diversity.

200,000 From El Salvador Ordered Out of America

They all need to go back!

New Star Wars Bombs in China Due to Asian-Nigger Race Mixing

Turns out the Chinese don't like seeing their people fucked by niggers.

Nimrata Randhawa Calls UN Security Council Meeting Over Iran Protests

The Zionist conspiracy to overthrow the Iranian government has officially failed.

Iran Calls Out CIA, Jews and Saudi Arabia for Civil Unrest

And the Alt-Lite was claiming that this was an organic popular uprising! lol

Trump Offers Support to Anti-Iran Terrorists

The Iranian people support their government and not these Zionist backed protesters.

AfD Politician Banned From Social Media for Anti-Moslem Post

Free speech does not exist in Germany.

20+ Dead From On-Going Anti-Government Protests in Iran

The Zionists have gone all in with this operation but the execution hasn't been all that great.

Trump Threatens to Suspend Foreign Aid to the Palestinians

Trump is continuing to agitate Israel's enemies.