Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Moslem Tries to Run Over French Soldiers With Car

Business as usual in France.

78 Percent Say Europe Needs Tighter Border Controls

Looks like Europeans have finally gotten fed up with the cultural enrichment.

Over 700 Million Sub-Saharan Africans Want to Come to US or EU

The biological nigger is out of control.

Trump Enacts Tariffs on China

America's trade deficit with China is insane. This is the right move.

Specifics on Trump’s Call to Putin Leaked to the Press

It looks like Trump's national security team did this. He should fire them all.

France to Get Tougher on Online Hate Speech

Any speech against what the Jews want must be shut down.

16 Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes Near Greece

Let this be a lesson to the third world subhumans trying to invade Europe.

Britain First Leader Paul Golding Attacked in Prison

Looks like they stuck the Moslems on him.

Turkey Says Kurds Have Been Removed From Northern Syria

The Kurds getting forced out of the region is another blow to the Zionists.