Tuesday, October 22, 2019

White South African Farmers Continue Exodus to Australia

Forcing White farmers off their land will only result in South Africa no longer having food to eat.

Sweden Distributes “War Preparation” Leaflets to 4.8 Million Homes

Apparently Sweden's feminist government has failed to recognize that their country has already been invaded.

Syrian Army Clears Last ISIS Holdout in Damascus

Another victory for the Syrian people and another defeat for the Jews.

Greece: Thessaloniki Mayor Beaten for Supporting Migrant Invaders

This traitor just got a small piece of what he actually deserves.

Pope Reportedly Tells Faggot God Made Him That Way

The Pope is now claiming that god endorses man on man anal sex.

Anti-American Shiite Cleric Wins Iraq Elections

The trillions of dollars spent on the Iraq war sure was worth it!

Nicolas Maduro Wins Re-Election in Venezuela

Venezuela is a shithole country where many people are having trouble affording food to eat.

Ebola is Spreading Throughout the Congo

Ebola seems to be nature attempting to deal with the nigger plague.

Russia Opens New Crimea Bridge

Why don't we see great infrastructure projects like this in America?

John Bolton Attempts to Sabotage Summit with North Korea

This crazy asshole just wants endless war.