Monday, August 19, 2019

UN Security Council Adopts 30-Day Ceasefire Across Syria

The Syrians with Russian and Iranian help have been bombing the shit out of a terrorist enclave to the east of Damascus.

German Police Investigate British Woman for Holohoax Denial

If shower room gas chambers were real, why is it illegal to question them?

Germany: Anti-Fascist Terrorists Disrupt AfD’s Women’s March in Berlin

More chicanery from the Jew controlled anti-fascist terrorists.

Ex-CIA Operative Says America Has Long Meddled in Foreign Elections

It's OK for the United States to meddle in foreign elections because they're the good guys!

Brazil: Military Takes Over Security in Rio de Janeiro

This is what you get with multiculturalism.

Jacob Zuma Resigns as South African President

Shocking that a nigger politician would be forced to resign due to corruption.

Iran Claims Jews Used Lizards to Spy on Them

Jews are closely aligned with lizards.

Italy: Police Club Anti-Fascists Like a Baby Seal

Anti-fascists are foot soldiers for the Jewish Communist establishment. It is good to see them getting their heads beat in.