Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trump Calls Out Soyboy Trudeau’s Fag Behavior

Trump was rightly upset with Trudeau's gay press conference he gave after he left the G7.

Trump Calls for Russia to be Reinstated to the G7

Russia should absolutely have a seat at the table.

Trump to Highlight Trade Imbalances at G7 Summit

France and Canada are whining the most about Trump's protectionist trade policies.

Italy’s New Government Vows to Expel African Invaders

Hopefully this coalition can help make Italy great again.

Denmark Bans Islamic Face Veil

This is dumb. Why not just ban Moslems?

North Korea Summit Back on for June 12th

We could finally be seeing an end to the Korean war.

Ukraine Fakes Assassination of Russian Dissident Journalist

Here's another story proving that most journalists are pieces of shit.

France: Riot Police Remove 1,000 Migrants From Paris Camp

Have the French gotten enough cultural enrichment yet?

Tommy Robinson Gets 13 Months in Prison for Protesting Moslem Rapists

Even if you are a pro-Israel, Zionist you can be put in prison by the British government if they dislike your political views.