Trump Reports on Success of Tariffs

Trump's tariff plan is causing some issues for the Chinese.

New Caravan of 1,200 Orc Invaders Heading to America

They'll all request asylum and Blormf will let them into the country.

Specifics on Trump’s Call to Putin Leaked to the Press

It looks like Trump's national security team did this. He should fire them all.

Trump Offers Support to Anti-Iran Terrorists

The Iranian people support their government and not these Zionist backed protesters.

Macron Suspends Fuel Tax for Six Months to Stave Off Revolution

It is doubtful this weak concession will make the revolutionaries happy.

Turkey Releases Pastor Andrew Brunson

This is another public relations win for Trump.

Trump Incites War Against Iran With New Oil Sanctions

He's making Israel great again!

Tijuana Residents Try to Remove Caravan Invaders from Shelter

Mexicans are finally doing the job Americans won't do!

Trump Announces Tariffs Against Turkey

The Turkish currency plunged after this announcement.