Friday, August 23, 2019

Climate Change Blamed for Cape Town Water Issues

The problem is with niggers, not climate change.

UK: Brexit Party Leads National Polls

Is Nigel the man to save the UK?

Boris Johnson is Now the British Prime Minister

An upgrade from May for sure, but there's still no guarantee of Brexit going through.

Brazil: New Poll Shows Bolsonaro Poised to Win Presidency

Jewish globalism is rapidly failing all around the planet.

Blormf Meets With Google CEO and Confirms He’s Not a Chinese Agent

Sundar Pichai is "America First" all the way!

Jews Whine Over Austria’s New Right Leaning Government

Nationalism and populism has risen in Austria.

Specifics on Trump’s Call to Putin Leaked to the Press

It looks like Trump's national security team did this. He should fire them all.

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency Over Widespread Nigger Death

Jamaica would be a fine place to visit if it weren't for the Black race.