Mexico Braces for “Mother of All Caravans”

More new Americans are coming.

Kim-Putin Hold Summit After US Peace Talks Crumble

Trump's refusal to strike a deal with North Korea has forced Kim to try and establish closer relations with Russia.

Trump Sends 1,500 More Troops to the Middle East

Protecting the national security interests of Israel is a top priority for the Trump administration.

Germany: Safe Zones Fail to Protect Women From Sexual Assault

Truly a shock that this phenomenon is continuing.

China Bans Niggerism and Tattoos From Television

China is merely attempting to preserve Chinese culture.

North Korea Says They’d Be Willing to Give Up Nukes

There is no reason why the United States can't hold direct talks with North Korea.

War Criminal Tony Blair Demands Invasion of Syria

Why isn't this war criminal rotting away in a jail cell somewhere?

Anti-American Shiite Cleric Wins Iraq Elections

The trillions of dollars spent on the Iraq war sure was worth it!

North Korea to Return Remains of 200 American Soldiers

And the Jews claimed that Trump gained nothing by talking to Kim.

Holocaust Denying Grandma Loses Court Appeal

Germany is a country of great freedoms.