Friday, August 23, 2019

Trump Cuts Foreign Aid to Shithole Central American Countries

Much more needs to be done than this.

Over 30 Venezuelan Boat Migrants Drown in Ocean

This is the result of America's retarded neocon foreign policy.

Right-Wing Parties Gain in European Elections

Was hoping for more, but it is not a bad result.

Maduro Says Israeli Group Tried to Asssassinate Him

No idea if this is true or not but his story isn't implausible.

China Blames US Intelligence for Hong Kong Uprising

The CIA is definitely behind this shit. There is really no debating this.

Putin Thanks Trump for Intel That Stopped Terrorist Attack

This is great news. The Trump-Putin relationship keeps getting stronger.

South Africa: H&M Stores Trashed by Niggers Over “Racist” Ad

The nigger lashes out in an unpredictable manner whenever they have their feelings hurt.

Italy: Police Club Anti-Fascists Like a Baby Seal

Anti-fascists are foot soldiers for the Jewish Communist establishment. It is good to see them getting their heads beat in.

16 Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes Near Greece

Let this be a lesson to the third world subhumans trying to invade Europe.