Sunday, February 16, 2020

Macron Suspends Fuel Tax for Six Months to Stave Off Revolution

It is doubtful this weak concession will make the revolutionaries happy.

Ambulance Drivers Stage Protest in Paris

Shit is really starting to go down in France.

Nigeria’s President Replaced with a Sudanese Imposter!

The Nigerian people must rise up and remove this Sudanese infiltrator!

CNN Says Macron is the “Moral Leader of the West”

Some pretty shit-tier propaganda from the Jews at CNN.

Denmark to Banish Foreign Criminals to Remote Island

A definite step in the right direction.

Tijauna Caravan Camp Turned Into Mud by Heavy Rain

The Mexican government is moving them to a new location.

Macron Calls Meeting to Address Anti-Government Revolution

Macron is definitely in some serious political trouble.

Massive Civil Unrest in France is Continuing

These "Yellow Vest" protests have turned into a full out revolt against the French government.

Alleged Manafort Meeting with Assange a Total Hoax

Yet another fake news hoax.

One Third of Caravan Invaders Infected with Diseases

These invaders are bringing the plague!