Anti-Democracy Terrorists Call for Overthrow of Austrian Government

These terrorists only like democracy when they get the results that they like!

Moby Claims “CIA Friends” Asked Him to Promote Trump-Russia Hoax Stories

This is more proof that the intelligence community has actively conspired to remove Donald Trump from political office.

Media Previously Confirmed That El Salvador is a Shithole

The Jew-run media has already admitted that places like El Salvador are "shitholes."

South Africa: H&M Stores Trashed by Niggers Over “Racist” Ad

The nigger lashes out in an unpredictable manner whenever they have their feelings hurt.

Pro-Trump Group Storms Meeting Demanding Arrest of Terrorist Sadiq Khan

London is run by a Trump hating Moslem terrorist!

Czech President Milos Zeman Assaulted by Topless Femen Slut

If Femen doesn't like this guy than he must be OK!

Trump Cancels Visit to Islamic Shithole of London

London is one of the biggest shitholes in the world thanks to racial diversity.

200,000 From El Salvador Ordered Out of America

They all need to go back!

New Star Wars Bombs in China Due to Asian-Nigger Race Mixing

Turns out the Chinese don't like seeing their people fucked by niggers.