Mexico: Woman Dismembered and Cooked in Stove

Building a border wall would be racist though.

China Bans Niggerism and Tattoos From Television

China is merely attempting to preserve Chinese culture.

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency Over Widespread Nigger Death

Jamaica would be a fine place to visit if it weren't for the Black race.

Over 25,000 Murders in Mexico Last Year

But a border wall would be racist.

Turkey Starts Bombing Kurdish-Controlled City of Afrin

Looks like another "Israel First" policy has led to another conflict.

Twitter Bans So-Called Secret Russian Troll Accounts

Why aren't they doing this to accounts linked to Israelis and Jews?

Cape Town, South Africa Set to Run Out of Water

The South African city surrounded by water is going to run out of water.

Sweden Issues Leaflets on How to Prepare for War With Russia

Are you guys sure Russia is the biggest threat to your nation?

United States Officially Cuts Aid to the Palestinians

Let's hope they lash out at the Jews in retaliation.

North and South Korea to March Together at Olympics

This is a breakthrough between the two Koreas.