Friday, August 23, 2019

Poles Revolt Against the Auschwitz Holohoax Museum

Hopefully the Poles are on the verge of investigating this stupid Jew Holocaust hoax narrative.

Trump Pulls Funding for White Helmet Terrorists in Syria

It will be much more difficult for these assholes to stage another fake baby gassing video now!

German Police Forced to Raid “Refugee” Center

I know this looks bad, but surely these low IQ niggers will be paying for the German people's pensions soon!

US Judge Orders Iran to Pay Billions for 9/11 Attacks

This is some of the most bat shit insane kookery ever.

UK: Brown Paki Monkey Appointed as New Home Secretary

I'd rather have Amber Rudd than this brown bastard.

Communists Riot in Paris During May Day Demonstrations

There's nothing trendy or cool about this you faggots.

South Korean President Says Trump Should Win Nobel Peace Prize

Trump isn't a nigger so he might not win this.

UK Home Secretary Resigns Over Deportation Targets

This is another situation showcasing how fucked up the UK is.