Friday, August 23, 2019

Moslem Savages Riot in Nantes, France Over Dead Nigger

These goat fuckers need to be sent back to the desert.

Canadian Holocaust Denier on Trial in Germany

The evil German government is trying to keep a lid on the fact that the Holocaust is a gigantic Jew hoax.

Nigerian Dies After Wakandan Force Field Technology Fails

A recall of these units is definitely in order.

China Retaliates Against Trump’s Tariffs

China was barely letting in any American products to begin with, so these tariffs are just for show.

UK: Another Fake Poisoning Blamed on Russia

The people hoaxing this shit are not very good at what they do.

UK Bans Nigel Farage From Meeting Donald Trump

The British government is a joke.

Islamic Terrorist Sadiq Khan Approves “Trump-Baby” Balloon

Islamic terrorism is alive and well in London.

China Warns Tourists About America’s Nigger Problem

It's a joke to believe that we have law and order in America.

Looks Like Angela Merkel is in Real Political Trouble

Even Merkel's coalition partners are fed up with her.