Sunday, August 25, 2019

South Africa to Legalize The Theft of White Owned Land

South Africa is our future if the brown and black hordes are allowed to take control.

WaPo Pushes Lies to Sabotage North Korea Peace Talks

Another fake news story citing anonymous sources.

Trump Says He’d Be Willing to Meet with Iran

This is good. We do not want a war with Iran as that would be another war for Jews.

Mob of Future Nigger Engineers Break Through Spain’s Border

They've come to make Europe great again.

North Korea Delivers Remains of American Soldiers

And the lying Jew media still thinks talking to North Korea was a mistake.

Trump Agrees with EU to Work Towards Zero Tariffs

This is a major victory for Trump's trade policies.

Russians Alleged to Have Hacked Electrical Closets

This is Vladimir Putin's fault.

Moslem Goes on Rampage Shooting in Toronto

Canada needs to remove these sand niggers otherwise they're going to keep killing people.

Trump Threatens Iran in All-CAPS Tweet

Extreme rhetoric appears to be Trump's way of getting his adversaries to the negotiating table.

Obama Bashes Nationalism in Angry South Africa Speech

The Communist nigger terrorist is back.