Friday, April 19, 2019

Trump Agrees to Meet Kim Jong Un

Good news on the foreign policy front. Nobody wants a war between the Koreas.

Afghan Goes on Stabbing Spree in Jew District of Vienna

Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing!

North Korea Says They’d Be Willing to Give Up Nukes

There is no reason why the United States can't hold direct talks with North Korea.

Italy: Populist and Right Wing Parties Surge in Election

This is a good result. The Italian people have had enough of the nigger plague.

FEMEN Skank Attempts to Undermine Italian Democracy

Silvio Berlusconi was not impressed with those gross tits!

Climate Change Blamed for Cape Town Water Issues

The problem is with niggers, not climate change.

Anti-Migrant and Anti-EU Parties Leading in Italian Election Polls

Tomorrow's election in Italy will be one to watch.

Angela Merkel Admits Germany Has “No-Go Areas”

This stupid bitch has destroyed Germany.