Spain Accepts Boat of Monkey Invaders Rejected by Italy

Europe is still being drowned with infinite numbers of niggers.

Germany’s Migration Chief Fired in Bribery Scandal

Cultural vibrants were offering bribes in exchange for asylum.

Trump-Kim Sign Historic Agreement

The summit went about as well as any of us could have hoped.

Trump-Kim Summit Happening Now!

The big moment has finally arrived.

Merkel and Macron Whine About Trump Following G7

What a bunch of cry babies.

Trump Calls Out Soyboy Trudeau’s Fag Behavior

Trump was rightly upset with Trudeau's gay press conference he gave after he left the G7.

Trump Calls for Russia to be Reinstated to the G7

Russia should absolutely have a seat at the table.

Trump to Highlight Trade Imbalances at G7 Summit

France and Canada are whining the most about Trump's protectionist trade policies.