Sunday, April 21, 2019

Police State in London Deployed to Deal With Racial Diversity

A police state is a small price to pay for racial diversity.

South Africa: Jacob Zuma on Trial for Corruption

He's guilty because he's black.

Newsweek Says South African Whites Shouldn’t Panic About Losing Land

Without Whites in South Africa the niggers won't have food and they will eat each other.

Street Violence Surges in London

What else do you expect when you bring in hordes of third world genetic waste into your country?

Sadistic Pope Denies Existence of Hell

He also thinks man on man anal sex and unlimited third world migration are virtuous things.

Russia Expels 60 American Diplomats

Hopefully the back and forth between the West and Russia ends with this.

Moslem Tries to Run Over French Soldiers With Car

Business as usual in France.

78 Percent Say Europe Needs Tighter Border Controls

Looks like Europeans have finally gotten fed up with the cultural enrichment.