Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump Orders Investigation Into White Genocide in South Africa

Finally some movement on this vitally important issue.

Hundreds of African Niggers Storm Spain’s Border

Spain needs to start shooting these nigger invaders.

Mexico: 2,599 Murder Investigations Opened in July

And the Democrats say we don't need a wall because it would be mean spirited.

Record Number of Canadians Want Immigration Reduced

Even Canadians have had enough of multiculturalism.

South Africa Begins Seizing Land From White Farmers

South Africa won't have any food to eat if they go all the way with this.

South Africa Preparing to Seize White-Owned Farmlands

We could see an all out race war in South Africa before this is over.

Saudis Used American Bomb That Killed Bus Full of Kids in Yemen

A bit surprised that CNN would expose this inconvenient fact.

Sweden Democrats Poised for Big Election Victory

Nationalism and populism is sweeping across Europe. Even Sweden is getting in on the act!

“Car of Peace” Incident Strikes London Again

More Islamic terrorism. The obvious solution to this problem is to bring in more Moslems.

Sweden: Dozens of Cars Torched by Masked Sand Monkeys

The media is calling them "youths" which is code word for "sand monkeys."