Friday, August 23, 2019

Iranian Oil Tanker Seized by the British

Another agitation against the Iranians.

Neocons Lash Out As Iran Boosts Uranium Enrichment

I honestly could not give a single fuck if Iran gets a nuclear bomb.

Rioters Takeover Hong Kong’s Parliament Building

This is looking more and more like one of those color revolution situations.

Trump Meets Kim at DMZ

A positive development.

Putin Attacks Faggot Rights and Multiculturalism

Principled statements from President Putin.

Maduro Says Israeli Group Tried to Asssassinate Him

No idea if this is true or not but his story isn't implausible.

Trump Meets With Putin and Makes Election Joke

The Jews are not happy about Trump's joke. They should really lighten the fuck up.

Greece: Golden Dawn Denied Radio Air Time and Access to Public Space

This is not very democratic proving once again that democracy is a hoax.