Mexico: 1,300 Cuban Migrants Escape From Detention Center

And how many of them will be headed north to America?

Kim-Putin Hold Summit After US Peace Talks Crumble

Trump's refusal to strike a deal with North Korea has forced Kim to try and establish closer relations with Russia.

New Oil Sanctions on Iran to Directly Impact China

This neocon, pro-Zionist foreign policy is completely insane.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

Keep thinking Islam is a religion of peace. It's not.

Sri Lanka Believes Islamic Militants Did Easter Bombings

Moslems blowing people up? How shocking!

Trump Incites War Against Iran With New Oil Sanctions

He's making Israel great again!

France: “Yellow Vest” Protesters Tell Police to Kill Themselves

I agree with them. These badge niggers are supporting a corrupt ZOG regime that hates the people.

Prince Harry and His Nigger Wife are Moving to Africa

Harry's nigger wife Meghan Markle sure wore out her welcome quick!

Mexico Has “Deep Concern” About Boomer Militia Group on Border

Mexico can't have boomers with guns stopping illegal aliens from entering the United States.

Sri Lanka: Over 200 Dead in Easter Islamic Terror Attack

The religion of peace strikes again.