Saturday, December 15, 2018

Austrian Chancellor Kurz Opposing “Refugee” Redistribution in Europe

Hopefully more countries will swing to the political right like Austria has.

UN Rejects Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration With a 128-9 Vote

This over the top pro-Israel agenda is making the world hate Jews even more.

#MeToo: Theresa May’s Top Deputy Forced Out

One could argue that #MeToo is the greatest thing of the year.

Australia: Sand Monkey Drives Car Into a Crowd of People

I am shocked to see that another Moslem has used a car to try and deliberately kill people.

North Korea Blamed for WannaCry Attack

This looks like a convenient misdirection of blame.

Goofy Jackass James Clapper Claims Trump is Putin’s Asset

James Clapper has been hired by CNN to promote Jew propaganda and lies.

Putin Thanks Trump for Intel That Stopped Terrorist Attack

This is great news. The Trump-Putin relationship keeps getting stronger.

Jews Whine Over Austria’s New Right Leaning Government

Nationalism and populism has risen in Austria.

Study Concludes U.S. Military Provided Weapons to ISIS

This was an obvious fact that we've known about for years.

Putin Says He is On a First Name Basis with Trump

It is important for the United States to have a good relationship with Russia. Who would argue with this?