Thursday, May 23, 2019

China Warns Tourists About America’s Nigger Problem

It's a joke to believe that we have law and order in America.

Looks Like Angela Merkel is in Real Political Trouble

Even Merkel's coalition partners are fed up with her.

Sweden: Sex Without Explicit Consent is Now Considered Rape

Can't Sweden deal with all the Moslem gang rapists before expanding the definition of rape? Or would that be racist?

Mexico: 133 Politicians Murdered as Election Looms

This is why we need the border wall.

Nationalism Making Gains in Sweden

If the Swedes can take back their country, there's hope for everyone.

Italy Tells Traffickers That Their Ports Are Closed

It's good to see that Italy has taken a definite stand against this insane African invasion.

Zimbabwe: New President Almost Gets Blown Up

I liked Zimbabwe better when it was known as Rhodesia.

Mexican Presidential Candidate Calls for Invasion of America

Millions of bean monkeys might be heading our way soon.

North Korea to Return Remains of 200 American Soldiers

And the Jews claimed that Trump gained nothing by talking to Kim.

Spain Accepts Boat of Monkey Invaders Rejected by Italy

Europe is still being drowned with infinite numbers of niggers.