Brazil: Trial Run for Right-Wing Death Squads

This is exactly what Brazil needs to maintain order.

Turkey Releases Pastor Andrew Brunson

This is another public relations win for Trump.

South Africa Preparing to Seize White-Owned Farmlands

We could see an all out race war in South Africa before this is over.

Canada Rushes to Do Trade Deal with Trump

Canada has been forced to deal with Trump on his terms.

Huge “Yellow Vest” Type Rally Held in Spain

Another "Yellow Vest" type situation brewing?

Over 500,000 NPCs Demand Second Brexit Vote

This whole fiasco illustrates what a hoax democracy is.

Myanmar: Subversive “Journalists” Sent to Jail for Seven Years

They were interfering with the government's plan to death march 700,000 Moslem terrorists into a swamp.

UK: MPs Compel May to Beg EU for Brexit Delay

It only succeeded by one vote.

Russia Opens Fire on Ukrainian Navy Ships

Looks like a provocative action against Russia.