Friday, August 23, 2019

Canadian Holocaust Denier on Trial in Germany

The evil German government is trying to keep a lid on the fact that the Holocaust is a gigantic Jew hoax.

Sweden: Explosion Near Subway Station Kills Man

Be careful picking up random objects in Sweden!

Moby Claims “CIA Friends” Asked Him to Promote Trump-Russia Hoax Stories

This is more proof that the intelligence community has actively conspired to remove Donald Trump from political office.

Canada Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana

Lots of happy stoners up in Canada.

Syria Gas Baby Meme Part Two Commences

Nobody believed gas baby meme part 1, so do the Jews really think people are going to believe gas baby meme part 2?

Germany Begins Enforcement Of New Online “Hate Speech” Law

Germany could be one of the most tyrannical governments on the planet.

Pompeo Says US Ready to Talk to Iran if They Start Sucking Jew Cock

Go to hell Pompeo you evil Zionist fuck.

Fox News Censors Idea That Moslems Burned Down Notre Dame

The message is simple. Moslems are bad in their own lands but good in our lands.

Sweden Democrats Make Gains in Election

Unfortunately they only received close to 18 percent of the vote.