Friday, August 23, 2019

Germany: Man Hacked to Death with Sword by Innocent Syrian

This is just a unique part of his culture.

North Korea Test Firing Short Range Missiles Again

Can't blame Kim. He wants to avoid the Gaddafi treatment.

African Invasion of Italy Has Been Stopped

It's good to see that they've been able to stop the endless nigger flood.

South Africa Votes to Seize Farm Land From Whites

These niggers are so stupid. This same policy was a miserable failure in Zimbabwe.

Nigeria: Building Mysteriously Collapses on School Children

Hard to believe such a thing would happen in an advanced country like Nigeria.

Saudi Arabia Admits They Killed Jamal Khashoggi

They had no choice. The man never came out of the consulate building.

France: 153 High School Students Arrested for Protesting Macron

This is not a good look for Macron and his corrupt government.

Obama Bashes Nationalism in Angry South Africa Speech

The Communist nigger terrorist is back.

Theresa May Defends Hoax Brexit Arrangement

How the hell can this horrible woman possibly keep her job after pushing this hoax?