Sunday, February 17, 2019

Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns of 2017

The insanity is hard to comprehend!

Trump’s Final Weekly Address of 2017

Trump summarizes some of 2017's accomplishments and looks forward to 2018.

Jew Social Engineering in Super Bowl Commercials

This is some fucked up shit.

Xurious – One Desire (ft. Zefora)

Some new chill fashwave from Xurious.

MSNBC Promoting a Revolution Against the United States Government

These people need to be arrested for subverting the United States government.

CNN Shocked Ohio Democrats Still Support Trump

The Jew-run fake news network is shocked that their fake news is not working on the public.

Mark Dice on Sarah Silverman’s Fear of the American Flag

Sarah Silverman should deport her kike ass back to Israel.

MSNBC Loses Their Minds

They should just turn the MSNBC television studio into an insane asylum.

Boy Scouts Go Full Social Justice Warrior

Cultural Marxism has destroyed everything.

America’s Retribution Beta Demo

NES Contra meets Donald Trump!