Sunday, April 21, 2019

Megyn Kelly Interviews a Slut Who Cucks Her Husband

Megyn Kelly is doing Jerry Springer tier shit now.

James O’Keefe Exposes Twitter on Sean Hannity’s Show

When is the government finally going to do something about Twitter?

Hollywood Celebrities Blame Trump for Hawaii Hoax Alert

These Hollywood celebrities are extremely stupid individuals.

The Lunatics of MSNBC

If you are not insane you can not be employed at MSNBC.

CNN Meets Moon Man

CNN reacts to one of Moon Man's greatest rap hits.

Vid.Me to Shut Down

PewTube is the best video sharing alternative to YouTube any way.

Mad Maxine Waters Flips Out About Trump Again

Mad Maxine Waters is a low IQ nigger.

Jew Social Engineering in Super Bowl Commercials

This is some fucked up shit.

Jesse Watters Lashes Out Over the Injustice Surrounding the Kate Steinle Case

A good summary detailing the injustice surrounding the Kate Steinle case.

CNN Issues HUGE Retraction After Reporting Fake Story

More analysis of CNN's latest fake news report.