Sunday, August 25, 2019

CNN’s Phil Mudd Cries Fake Tears Over Florida School Shooting

This is one of the most ridiculous video clips of all time.

Skank March 2018 Cringe Compilation

Here we present documented evidence proving why sluts need to be locked in cages.

Trump Talks Immigration in Weekly Address

We want America to be White again.

America’s Retribution Beta Demo

NES Contra meets Donald Trump!

Shitlibs New Plan to Stop Trump

This plan will fail.

The Young Turks Say Trust the Mainstream Kike-Run Media

The Young Turks is part of the mainstream kike-run industrial media complex.

The Lunatics of MSNBC

If you are not insane you can not be employed at MSNBC.

CNN Goes Nuts Over Satirical Emma Gonzalez Meme

CNN is literally fact checking obviously satirical memes.

Cantwell Official Trailer 2018

Finally a movie that might actually be worth seeing.

More Details on Border Wall Prototypes

More details on the impressive border wall prototypes.