Friday, February 22, 2019


New meme!

Jew Media Claims Easter is a Tool of White Supremacy

The Jews have an interesting take on Easter.

President Trump Gives Remarks on Tax Reform

Trump speaks on tax reform legislation.

Trump is Driving Shitlilbs Crazy

Insane Democrat shitlibs are claiming Trump is insane.

Xurious – Rivers of Blood

Another great track from Xurious featuring Enoch Powell clips.

Jesse Watters Lashes Out Over the Injustice Surrounding the Kate Steinle Case

A good summary detailing the injustice surrounding the Kate Steinle case.

Tucker Carlson on Racist Tree Situation

Tucker Carlson debates a boomer idiot who is mad at a bunch of racist trees near a golf course.

Hollywood Celebrities Blame Trump for Hawaii Hoax Alert

These Hollywood celebrities are extremely stupid individuals.

Russian Firefighters Revive Smoke-Poisoned Cat From Fire

The Russian firefighters did a good job.