Hillary Clinton Almost Fell Down Stairs Twice in India

And to think that this evil hag almost became President of the United States.

Trump’s Full Pennsylvania Rally Speech

Solid speech from Trump.

Tommy Robinson Abuses Peaceful Refugee in Italy No-Go Zone

Tommy Robinson has declared a race war on all niggers.

Megyn Kelly Interviews a Slut Who Cucks Her Husband

Megyn Kelly is doing Jerry Springer tier shit now.

Tucker Carlson Covers the War on Men

The war on men is real.

Russian Firefighters Revive Smoke-Poisoned Cat From Fire

The Russian firefighters did a good job.

Xurious – The Stranger

Another awesome track from Xurious.

Trump’s CPAC Speech

It was the return of campaign Trump.

CNN’s Phil Mudd Cries Fake Tears Over Florida School Shooting

This is one of the most ridiculous video clips of all time.