Friday, February 22, 2019

Dr Murdoch’s No Good Very Bad Week

This episode is epic.

Tucker Carlson Covers the War on Men

The war on men is real.

Vladimir Putin’s New Year Address 2018

Putin gives his yearly address to the Russian people.

Xurious – The Forest Of Aiyanar

Another tune from the master of fashwave Xurious!

Megyn Kelly Interviews a Slut Who Cucks Her Husband

Megyn Kelly is doing Jerry Springer tier shit now.

Xurious – Rivers of Blood

Another great track from Xurious featuring Enoch Powell clips.

Alex Jones Rages Over Trump Attacking Syria

He's also angry that water filter and dick formula sales have been slow on the Infowars store.

MSNBC Promoting a Revolution Against the United States Government

These people need to be arrested for subverting the United States government.

Murdoch Murdoch – Galaxy MM88

A Murdoch Murdoch sci/fi extravaganza!