Monday, October 21, 2019

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Incredibly Shuts Down Nancy Pelosi in Interview!

You know it is bad when even a CNN anchor thinks you're nuts!

James O’Keefe Exposes Twitter on Sean Hannity’s Show

When is the government finally going to do something about Twitter?

Hollywood Celebrities Blame Trump for Hawaii Hoax Alert

These Hollywood celebrities are extremely stupid individuals.

CNN’s Shithole Circus – Uncensored Compilation

New drinking game. Take a shot each time a person on CNN says the word "shithole."

CNN Goes Over the Edge By Saying “Shithole”

How many times can CNN say "shithole" in one day?

Project Veritas Exposes Twitter’s Censorship Agenda

Twitter either needs to be regulated or gassed. Take your pick!

Sargon the Afraid

Sargon was utterly destroyed in this new Murdoch Murdoch episode.

Tales of Trout Part 4: Dox, and Doxxes and Doxxxing

Mister Metokur has fully exposed the "sketpic" community as the biggest bunch of faggots and retards in the history of humanity.

Jew Jake Tapper Humiliated by Jew Stephen Miller

More analysis of the Jew Jake Tapper being destroyed by Jew Stephen Miller on his own show.

Patriot Front Alamo Demonstration

A successful demonstration from our guys in Texas!