Sunday, August 25, 2019

President Trump Gives Remarks on Tax Reform

Trump speaks on tax reform legislation.

CNN Proves They are Completely Worthless

CNN is fucking retarded.

Iraqi Military Parade Celebrating Victory Over ISIS

The Iraqis celebrate victory over ISIS.

Drain the Swamp Rally for Roy Moore

The full election-eve rally in support of Roy Moore.

Sarah Sanders Dismantles CNN’s Jim Acosta

Sarah Sanders destroys the fake news CNN shill Jim Acosta.

Jews Gas Palestinians in Bethlehem

A serious Jew gas attack!

The Lunatics of MSNBC

If you are not insane you can not be employed at MSNBC.

America’s Retribution Beta Demo

NES Contra meets Donald Trump!

Cybernazi – Atomwaffen Division

This new Cybernazi track has been put in the JewTube gulag.

CNN Issues HUGE Retraction After Reporting Fake Story

More analysis of CNN's latest fake news report.