Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kike Run SPLC Says Antifa Isn’t a Hate Group

Kikes are all about double standards.

Sky News Cuts Off General After He Drops Truth About Syria

Looks like they forgot to tell him that there was a script to follow!

Xurious – Winter Chan 2017

More killer fashwave from the legendary Xurious.

Trump Broke CNN

CNN needs to be raided and shut down by the government.

Boy Scouts Go Full Social Justice Warrior

Cultural Marxism has destroyed everything.

Trailer Released for Shit Movie About Feminist Terrorists

This is some horribly degenerate shit right here.

Xurious – We Have Dreamed The Same Dream

Xurious gives us one of his best tracks yet!

Anti-Fascist Protester Run Over by Truck!

LOL at this dumbass!

Giant Viking from Nordic Resistance Movement Chases Away Smelly Anti-Fascists

I'll take one giant viking over 1,000 anti-fascists any day of the week!

Jew Social Engineering in Super Bowl Commercials

This is some fucked up shit.