James Comey’s 15 Minutes Are Up

Comey is showing the entire world what a clown faggot he is with his retarded book and these dumb interviews.

CNN Turning Over a New Leaf for 2018?

CNN needs to be gassed.

Skank March 2018 Cringe Compilation

Here we present documented evidence proving why sluts need to be locked in cages.

Hillary Clinton Almost Fell Down Stairs Twice in India

And to think that this evil hag almost became President of the United States.

CNN Shocked Ohio Democrats Still Support Trump

The Jew-run fake news network is shocked that their fake news is not working on the public.

Jew Social Engineering in Super Bowl Commercials

This is some fucked up shit.

The Eternal Boomer

The mindset of a boomer.

Megyn Kelly Interviews a Slut Who Cucks Her Husband

Megyn Kelly is doing Jerry Springer tier shit now.

CNN Goes Nuts Over Satirical Emma Gonzalez Meme

CNN is literally fact checking obviously satirical memes.

Cybernazi – Atomwaffen Division

This new Cybernazi track has been put in the JewTube gulag.