Monday, November 11, 2019

CNN Turning Over a New Leaf for 2018?

CNN needs to be gassed.

The Eternal Boomer

The mindset of a boomer.

MSNBC Loses Their Minds

They should just turn the MSNBC television studio into an insane asylum.

Trump is Driving Shitlilbs Crazy

Insane Democrat shitlibs are claiming Trump is insane.

CNN Issues HUGE Retraction After Reporting Fake Story

More analysis of CNN's latest fake news report.

Xurious – God Emperor

More fashwave greatness from Xurious!

Fake News From ABC Tanks Stock Market

The fake news never ends.

Vladimir Putin’s New Year Address 2018

Putin gives his yearly address to the Russian people.

Trump’s CPAC Speech

It was the return of campaign Trump.