Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Jesse Watters Lashes Out Over the Injustice Surrounding the Kate Steinle Case

A good summary detailing the injustice surrounding the Kate Steinle case.

Xurious – Winter Chan 2017

More killer fashwave from the legendary Xurious.

Indian Attempts Bear Selfie

This is right up there with the Negro Gun Selfie.

Xurious – Rivers of Blood

Another great track from Xurious featuring Enoch Powell clips.

Skank March 2018 Cringe Compilation

Here we present documented evidence proving why sluts need to be locked in cages.

Kike Run SPLC Says Antifa Isn’t a Hate Group

Kikes are all about double standards.

Trump’s CPAC Speech

It was the return of campaign Trump.

Trump Speaks at the FBI

Trump's speech at Quantico.