Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tucker Carlson Responds to CNN’s Promotion of Cuckoldry

Tucker isn't the only one baffled by this insane development.

Alex Jones Rages Over Trump Attacking Syria

He's also angry that water filter and dick formula sales have been slow on the Infowars store.

Xurious – Winter Chan 2017

More killer fashwave from the legendary Xurious.

Sargon the Afraid

Sargon was utterly destroyed in this new Murdoch Murdoch episode.

Democrats Used to Support Building a Border Wall

This compilation shows how completely insane the Democrats have become on the illegal immigration issue.

Indian Attempts Bear Selfie

This is right up there with the Negro Gun Selfie.

Mister Metokur on the Fall of Kraut and Tea

The skeptic community has been BTFO.

Xurious – The Forest Of Aiyanar

Another tune from the master of fashwave Xurious!

Hillary Clinton Almost Fell Down Stairs Twice in India

And to think that this evil hag almost became President of the United States.