Monday, November 11, 2019

James O’Keefe Exposes Twitter on Sean Hannity’s Show

When is the government finally going to do something about Twitter?

Tucker Carlson Covers the War on Men

The war on men is real.

CNN Issues HUGE Retraction After Reporting Fake Story

More analysis of CNN's latest fake news report.

Cantwell Official Trailer 2018

Finally a movie that might actually be worth seeing.

Skank March 2018 Cringe Compilation

Here we present documented evidence proving why sluts need to be locked in cages.

CNN Goes Nuts Over Satirical Emma Gonzalez Meme

CNN is literally fact checking obviously satirical memes.

Mark Dice on Sarah Silverman’s Fear of the American Flag

Sarah Silverman should deport her kike ass back to Israel.

Trump Talks Immigration in Weekly Address

We want America to be White again.

A Celebration of the Jewish People

These filthy kikes are truly a blessing!