The Eternal Boomer

The mindset of a boomer.

MSNBC Promoting a Revolution Against the United States Government

These people need to be arrested for subverting the United States government.

Red Ice Interviews New Identity Evropa Leader

Looks like Identity Evropa has yet another leader.

PewDiePie Reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The new Star Wars film sucks.

Xurious – Become Who We Are

Another quality fashwave track from Xurious!

Xurious – The Stranger

Another awesome track from Xurious.

Giant Viking from Nordic Resistance Movement Chases Away Smelly Anti-Fascists

I'll take one giant viking over 1,000 anti-fascists any day of the week!

Top 10 CNN Fails of the Year

Jews control CNN which is why they spread so many lies.

More Details on Border Wall Prototypes

More details on the impressive border wall prototypes.

Murdoch Murdoch: Burkas in Bongland

Murdoch Murdoch's take on the insanity happening in the United Kingdom.