James Comey’s 15 Minutes Are Up

Comey is showing the entire world what a clown faggot he is with his retarded book and these dumb interviews.

Sky News Cuts Off General After He Drops Truth About Syria

Looks like they forgot to tell him that there was a script to follow!

Alex Jones Rages Over Trump Attacking Syria

He's also angry that water filter and dick formula sales have been slow on the Infowars store.

MSNBC Loses Their Minds

They should just turn the MSNBC television studio into an insane asylum.

Zuckerberg Short Circuits

I personally think Zuckerberg is a lizard and not a robot though.

CNN Goes Nuts Over Satirical Emma Gonzalez Meme

CNN is literally fact checking obviously satirical memes.

The Truth About JewTube HQ Shooter

This story is going to get flushed down the memory hole.

Jew Media Claims Easter is a Tool of White Supremacy

The Jews have an interesting take on Easter.