Friday, December 13, 2019

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear DACA Case

The court system in America is a joke.

Trump Has Nasty Phone Call With Mexico Over Border Wall

Those beaner monkeys down south will pay for the wall one way or another.

Oakland’s Kike Mayor Warns Illegal Aliens of ICE Raid

Every single fucking time!

Democrat House Intel Memo Released

Nothing but kike lies and misdirection in this memo.

Sheriff’s Office Got 18 Calls About Nikolas Cruz

The kike Sheriff Scott Israel has much to answer for.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Defends 2nd Amendment From Jews at CPAC

Nearly everybody LaPierre exposed as being against the Second Amendment were Jews.

Coward Cop Hid Outside as School Was Shot Up

What a cowardly piece of shit.

Mueller Indicts Manafort and Gates Again!

This is getting old Bob. Wrap up your investigation already!

Billy Graham is Probably in Hell for Not Exposing the Jews

He should have exposed the Jews to his followers.