Saturday, August 24, 2019

FBI Traitor Andrew McCabe Will Reportedly Retire in March

The conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against the President is unraveling.

FBI Claims They Stopped Terror Attack By White Moslem Convert

This looks like another FBI hoax.

President Trump Signs Tax Reform Bill

The tax reform bill has become law.

FBI Says They Can’t Reveal Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive Until October 2018

What type of bullshit is this? Guess they need some time to come up with a proper cover story!

Tennessee Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into Confederate Statue Removals

Looks like laws were broken to remove those Confederate statues in Memphis.

Subversive Spic Jorge Ramos Says He’s Never Been Treated Worse in America

Get out of my country you filthy spic invader. You aren't wanted!

Memphis Tears Down Confederate Statues

Anything relating to White history needs to be erased because of racism.

Trump Celebrates Tax Reform Passage w/ Congress

The Republicans finally have a major legislative accomplishment.

Rosie O’Donnell Tries to Bribe GOP Senators to Vote Against Tax Reform

The fat dyke bitch offered the bribes on Twitter!