Steve King Attacked for “Diversity is not our Strength” Tweet

Multiculturalism doesn't work and it will never work.

Democrats Pushing Government Shut Down Over Anchor Baby Amnesty

The anchor babies have to go back.

Nigger Bitch Who Helped Torture Disabled White Man Given Probation

There is no justice for White people in America. It does not exist.

ZOG Cop Filmed Executing White Man Begging For His Life is Set Free

This ZOG cop murdering cunt deserves a painful death for what he did.

Christopher Cantwell is Finally Out of Jail

The Jews have created a more dangerous enemy by putting him in jail.

Massive Wildfires Causing Havok in Southern California

I honestly don't give a shit if Los Angeles and everything around it burns to the ground.

Morning Joe Claims Trump’s Jerusalem Speech Proves He Has Dementia

Why is this insane asshole on national television?

58 Democrats Vote to Impeach Trump

The proposal to impeach Trump came from a nigger who looks like the missing link.

Muller Probe Exposed as Partisan Witch Hunt

Yet more evidence that this is one of the biggest political witch hunts in the history of America.

Jeff Flake Donates $100 to Roy Moore’s Democrat Opponent

What an unbelievable faggot this loser is.