Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mormon Goof Mitt Romney Fails to Secure Utah Senate Nomination

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee can't even secure a Senate nomination now.

Democrats Sue Trump and Russia Over Election Conspiracy

The Democrat party is an anti-American terrorist organization.

Comey’s Memos Detailing Interactions with Trump Made Public

The memos undermine this narrative that Trump obstructed justice but strengthen the need to arrest Comey for leaking classified information.

Andrew McCabe’s Case Referred to Federal Prosecutors

He should be prosecuted and thrown in a federal pound me in the ass prison.

Rudy Giuliani to Join Trump’s Legal Team

Hopefully he can negotiate an end to this stupid witch hunt focusing in on fake conspiracies.

Barbara Bush is Dead!

I was having a pretty shitty day until I heard this news!

Nimrata Randhawa Gets in Drama Spat With the White House Staff

It's time to fire this evil Zionist street shitter.

Sean Hannity Named as a Client of Trump’s Jew Lawyer Michael Cohen

Attorney client privilege is dead in America.

Nikki Haley Threatens America With a Chemical Weapons Attack

This Zionist street shitting bitch is insane.

Pentagon Offers Retard-Tier Justifications for Syria Attack

What a bunch of fucking clowns.