Monday, October 21, 2019

Migrant Caravan Army Says They Won’t Invade America

I don't think I believe these assholes but we'll see what happens.

Trump to Order Military to the Southern Border

Good idea, but let's not declare total victory yet.

Beaner Monkey Army Moving Closer to America

This is a beta test to open the flood gates on us.

Will Trump Stop the Invading Bean Monkey Army?

This invading army must be stopped.

Immigrants Will Be Required to Give Social Media Info for Visa

It's a gimmick, but a useful gimmick.

Army of 1,000+ Illegal Aliens Coming to Invade America

The Jews have given us a good template for how to deal with this situation.

Sessions Says Federal Prosecutor Evaluating DOJ and FBI Abuses

Definitely not ideal, but it is a step in the right direction.

Trump Celebrates Start of Border Wall

Sure, it's a start, I guess..

Trump Says Second Amendment Will Never be Repealed

You're damn right it will never be repealed!

2020 U.S. Census to Ask Citizenship Status

They're afraid it will show the insane amount of foreigners that have flooded America.