Saturday, August 24, 2019

Another Amtrak Crash Results in 2 Deaths Over 100 Injured

An increase in racial diversity means an increase in train accidents.

House Intel Memo Confirms Vast Anti-Trump Conspiracy

The conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy has been fully exposed.

ICE Raids 77 Businesses in Northern California

Let's hope ICE does more raids in California. The state is a cesspool of illegal alien beaner filth.

White House to Release House Intel Memo Tomorrow

Looks like tomorrow will be the day.

Newsweek Media Group Caught Buying Fake Web Traffic

Things are really looking bad for the parent company of the leftist blog site Newsweek!

Maxine Waters Delivers Hilariously Insane SOTU Response

She said that there should be a warning issued whenever Trump appears on television.

Michael Wolff Kicked Off MSNBC for Pushing Trump-Haley Affair

You couldn't pay me to bang Nimrata Randhawa, so why would Trump bang her?

Andrew McCabe Sat on New Clinton Email Revelations Before Election

McCabe tried to hide the fact that Clinton's emails were found on Weiner's laptop in the run up to the election.

FBI Criticizes Accuracy of House Intel Committee’s FISA Memo

Looks like the FBI is scared of what is revealed in this memo.

75 Percent Approve of Trump’s SOTU Speech

The speech appealed to the normies.