Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trump Imposes Tariffs on Canada, Mexico and EU

About time that we see some moves made to protect American jobs.

Google Says That California Republicans Are Nazis

I wouldn't expect anything less from a Jewish run company like Google.

Chicago: 35 Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend

The solution to all this violence is to raise taxes to pay for programs.

George H.W. Bush Back in the Hospital

Why can't this Zionist piece of shit just die already?

RFK’s Son Wants New Investigation Into His Dad’s Death

It's very plausible that a second gunman killed RFK.

Anti-American Faggot David Hogg Holds Die-In at Grocery Store

This faggot really wants to get his ass kicked apparently.

Hillary Clinton Wants to be CEO of Facebook

She wants to be Facebook CEO to control the information that people receive.

Nancy Pelosi Stumbles Through CNN Town Hall Appearance

This bitch keeps getting crazier and crazier with every television appearance.

Trump Brands Deep State Witch Hunt #SpyGate

The witch hunt is starting to boomerang in a big way.