Angry Monkey Cory Booker Goes Nuts Over “Shithole” Comment

Why is there an angry monkey in a suit ranting like this in the Senate? Where's the zookeeper?

California Has Highest Poverty Rate in the Country

California has a high poverty rate because of all the third world filth that has flooded in!

Congressapes to Boycott Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Why did the people elect these apes to public office?

DHS Resumes Taking DACA Applications After Court Ruling

We need to start removing these activist judges from the bench. They're not interpreting law.

Retards Project “Shithole” Onto Trump Hotel

Our political enemies can't troll or meme worth a shit.

Justice Department Issues First Indicment in Uranium One Scandal

Finally some movement on a real Russia related scandal.

Hoax Missile Alert Causes Chaos in Hawaii

Am I a bad person for laughing at this?

Lindsey Graham Says “America is an Idea Not a Race”

No Lindsey it isn't just an idea. America was originally built by Whites and for Whites. Case closed.

America is the Country of “Pepe the Frog”

Pepe the Frog represents America more than the Statue of Liberty.

Trump Reportedly Calls Shithole Countries Shithole Countries

I fail to see what is so controversial about this.