Monday, September 23, 2019

House Intelligence Committee Finds No Trump-Russia Collusion

The whole thing is a stupid hoax.

Pocahontas Refuses to Take DNA Test to Prove Indian Heritage

She won't take a DNA test because she lied about being an Indian.

Trump’s Plans for a Military Parade Criticized for Logistics and Costs

Costs and logistics have never been concerns when the military has been bombing the Middle East to benefit Israel.

Trump Officially Signs Tariff Order

This move is long overdue.

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Suing Trump Now

This stupid story will not die.

Justice Department Sues California Over Sanctuary State Policies

This is the right move by Sessions. California is interfering in matters that are reserved for the feds to handle.

Globalist Jew Gary Cohn Out at White House

One less Jew in the White House is a good thing.

Illegal Beaners Protest as DACA Expires

Send them all back to where they came from!

Jew Sam Nunberg Refuses to Cooperate with Special Counsel

This crazy Jew lashed out at the special counsel while intoxicated on national television!