Friday, November 22, 2019

51 Percent of Americans Want the Border Wall

It was a CBS poll so we can assume that support is actually much higher.

Pittsburgh: Mass Chimpouts Over Dead Nigger Antwon Rose

Give me one reason why I should give a shit about this dead nigger?

Sarah Sanders Refused Service at Restaurant Because of Trump

If she were a nigger she could have sued the restaurant for a billion dollars.

Trump Wants to Tackle Immigration After the Midterms

Can't blame him. It's not like anything is going to get through the Senate any way.

First Lady Melania Doesn’t Care About Dirty Child Spic Invaders!

Melania Trump is even more hardcore on immigration than her husband!

DHS Secretary Harassed by Evil Communists at Restaurant

This is what happens when your political enemies have no logical arguments.

Trump Signs Order to Keep Illegal Alien Families Together in Jail

lol and people say Trump isn't a fair man!

Anti-Trump Traitor Peter Strzok Escorted Out of the FBI Building

Unbelievably Strzok still hasn't been officially fired yet.