Friday, August 23, 2019

Democrats Angry at AOC for Driving Amazon Away From NYC

She sabotaged this huge Amazon deal that Democrats put together.

Pelosi Backs Out of Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism

Are Democrats becoming the real anti-Semites?

El Paso Sector Redeploys Agents to Process Taco Invaders

The border situation is a joke.

San Francisco’s Street Poop At All-Time High Levels

San Francisco is a literal shithole.

Baltimore’s City Government Servers Brought Down by Ransomware

Cybersecurity is a big problem and it has gotten worse thanks to the retards in the federal government.

Man Harassed by Evil Jews for Swastika in His Front Yard

These hateful Jews seem to have a problem with this Tibetan symbol.

Injustice Rules as James Fields Gets Life in Prison

A total injustice. He should be immediately set free.

MAGA Crowd Chants “Send Her Back” at Trump Rally

The MAGA mob is none to happy with these brown Communist women.

Morning Joe Implies That Russians Killed Jeff Epstein

It's always the Russians and never the Jews goyim.

Christopher Cantwell Granted Bond!

He's been unjustly held as a political prisoner for over 100 days.