Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mueller Charges Lawyer Linked to Manafort Tax Crimes

Is this the best you can do Bob? If so, perhaps it is time to shut down your kooky witch hunt,

CNN and MSNBC Promoted Anti-Trump Rallies Held by Russians

CNN and MSNBC are working for Russians and need to be shut down.

Trump Dares Oprah Run for POTUS in 2020

An Oprah run for POTUS would be epic.

Trump Attacks FBI Over Failure to Stop Florida Mass Shooting

The FBI is a joke. They're too busy chasing Russian ghosts to do legitimate law enforcement work.

Jew Facebook VP Says Most Russian Ad Buys Came After Election

Even a high level Jew at Facebook is unwilling to shill for this retarded hoax.

Mormon Goof Mitt Romney Announces Utah Senate Run

Mitt the Mormon Romney much to the delight of Jews is re-entering politics.

Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz is a Racial Jew

What an interesting surprise this is!

Antifa Professor Confronted For Chasing James Fields Car With a Rifle

This is some fantastic journalism. It helps prove that the murder charges against James Fields should be dropped.

Evil Spic Shoots Up Florida High School – Kills 17

These mass shootings are the result of a society gone wrong.