Sunday, February 16, 2020

Trump to Deny Green Cards to Immigrant Welfare Leeches

More proof that Trump is literally and figuratively Hitler.

Not a Single Witness Remembers Alleged Kavanaugh Rape Party

This hoax is becoming increasingly more retarded.

Republican Wins Texas District Held by Democrats for 139 Years

The Democrats have gone so insane they're losing racial minorities.

Trump Describes “Lingering Stench” in the Justice Department

The stench is coming from that kike Rod Rosenstein and other anti-American conspirators.

Chuck Grassley Gives Kavanaugh’s “Sex Assault” Accuser More Time

If the bitch can't make up her mind to testify than it's time to move on.

Jew-Run Google Discussed Thwarting Trump’s Travel Ban

Yet another reason for this company to be regulated and broken up under anti-trust laws.

Trump Calls Out Kavanaugh’s “Sex Assault” Accuser

This is one of the dumbest hoaxes yet.

Trump Asks Congress Where Wall Funding Is

Congress is not serious about national security unless it involves bombing sand apes for the Jews of Israel.

Puerto Rico is Demanding Statehood

Why? I thought White colonialism was evil.

Circus Surrounding Kavanaugh’s Sex Assault Accuser Continues

Why the hell is this the biggest national news story in America?