Classified Emails Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Just what in the hell was going on here?

Trump Talks DACA and Possible Immigration Deal

Nothing is going to happen with DACA unless huge immigration fixes are put into place.

12 Dead in Large NYC Apartment Building Fire

Mixing third world populations with first world infrastructure is never a good idea.

Pro White Genocide Professor Bullycided Out of His Job

This is a win for the good guys.

Record Cold Temperatures Hit East Coast

Where the fuck is all that global warming I was promised??

Roy Moore Files Lawsuit Claiming Vote Fraud

Hopefully all the vote fraud is exposed.

Police Remove Memorial to White Woman Killed by Somali Cop

Memorials dedicated to murdered White women are now considered to be evil and part of a White supremacist conspiracy.

Congressape Cries “Racism” After Stealing First-Class Seat

I didn't know they let zoo animals fly in airplanes let alone in first-class!

Confederate Monument Vandalized in Georgia

The lack of respect for our history is only going to result in a much greater backlash.

Trump Reportedly Said That Haitian Immigrants All Have AIDS

The New York Times just makes Trump look better with stories like this.