Friday, August 23, 2019

Trump Privately Pushing Military to Fund Border Wall

He's the Commander in Chief so he should order them to build the damn thing.

Trump Proposes Making the Border Wall a Military Project

Issue the order Mr. President. Until that time comes this is all talk and no action.

Thousands of Gun Grabbing Whores and Faggots Take to the Streets

Lots of Jewish shekels have gone into financing these marches.

Trump Signs Awful $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

This is complete fucking shit.

H.R. McMaster to be Replaced with John Bolton

One Zionist neocon kook gets replaced with another Zionist neocon kook.

House Intelligence Committee Officially Ends Russia Investigation

Robert Mueller should do the same. End this dumb witch hunt.

Austin Bomber Blows Himself Up After Police Confrontation

A non-Nazi White male is said to have done the bombings.

Serial Mail Bombings Continue in Texas

One of the package bombs blew up at a FedEx facility in transit.

Facebook Under Investigation For Misusing Personal Information

Hopefully this will finally lead to government regulation of big tech companies.