Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump Says He’ll Shut Down the Government to Get Border Wall

Hopefully this will pressure Congress to finally fund the damn wall and fix immigration.

Angry Nigger Confronts Sean Spicer at Book Signing

It was an intelligent nigger though.

4.1 Percent GDP Growth Under Trump

Trump is doing an excellent job on the economy.

ICE Triples Work Place Investigations Into Illegal Aliens

This is sending a message to employers that hiring illegal aliens is not good for business.

Trump Executes Epic Twitter Troll on His Enemies

This shit is too damn funny. This man gives zero fucks!

Trump May Strip Security Clearances for Obama-Era Clowns

These criminal traitors should not only have their security clearances revoked, but they should all be put in jail.

FISA Documents Used to Spy on Trump Campaign Released

The documents prove once again that the FBI used the fake #pissgate dossier to spy on Trump's campaign.

Investigation of Missouri Duck Boat Accident Could Take a Full Year

Why the fuck do they need a year to investigate this?

Mob of Africans Burn American Flag to Protest Oath Keepers

It's insane to say that niggers are Americans.