Friday, August 23, 2019

Pelosi Spends Time at Luxury Resort During Shutdown

This shutdown is going to go on for awhile it looks like.

Trump Signs Awful $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

This is complete fucking shit.

Subversive Spic Jorge Ramos Says He’s Never Been Treated Worse in America

Get out of my country you filthy spic invader. You aren't wanted!

CNN and MSNBC Promoted Anti-Trump Rallies Held by Russians

CNN and MSNBC are working for Russians and need to be shut down.

Chicago Goes 22 Hours Without Blacks Shooting Each Other

This must be some type of new record. Such progress!

Florida to Ban Sanctuary Cities

Some good news for a change?

Trump Tells Congresswomen to Go Back Where They Came From

Such racism from the orange man!

Ocasio-Cortez Seeks to Cleanse Democrat Party of Whites

The faster the Democrat Party drowns in black and brown sludge the better.

Man Harassed by Evil Jews for Swastika in His Front Yard

These hateful Jews seem to have a problem with this Tibetan symbol.