Pocahontas Forms Exploratory Committee to Run for President

The Democrat presidential nomination process is going to be a total cluster fuck.

Trump Reiterates Desire to Bring in Immigrants to Fill Jobs

That's great Mr. President, just flood us with more genetic waste and suppress wages.

Miami Bridge Engineered by Feminists Collapses and Kills Six

How many more people must die in the name of diversity?

Trump Announces New Trade Deal With Mexico

Trump has fulfilled his promise in abolishing NAFTA.

Facebook Under Investigation For Misusing Personal Information

Hopefully this will finally lead to government regulation of big tech companies.

Steve Bannon Apologizes for Quotes in Michael Wolff’s Book

Bannon's apology isn't going to change anything.

Trump Reportedly Said That Haitian Immigrants All Have AIDS

The New York Times just makes Trump look better with stories like this.

Portland: Anti-Fascist Terrorists Attack “Law and Order” March

The Communists have ensured that there is no law and order in Portland.

Jew Michael Cohen Says He Lied But is Not a Liar

It doesn't get much more Jewish than this.