FBI Head Says Unbreakable Encryption is a Public Safety Threat

So we can't have privacy because of Moslems? Why not just remove the Moslems?

Sanctuary City Mayors Boycott Trump’s Infrastructure Meeting

These mayors should be arrested.

Power Plant in Puerto Rico Blows Up

Why not just declare Puerto Rico its own independent country?

California Rated Last in Quality of Life

This is what happens when you embrace Jewish Marxism.

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 51 Percent

Not bad considering how many people are trying to destroy him.

Kike Rod Rosenstein Claims Congressional Oversight is Extortion

This ridiculous Jewish piece of shit belongs in a jail cell.

Trump Cancels Monkey Ball Player Visit of White House

The media was really dumb to make this the top story of today's news cycle.

Marxist Terrorists Hold Rallies Demanding Open Borders

The Jews are going all in on the open borders agenda.

Trump Attacks Sessions for Not Stopping Mueller Witch Hunt

Jeff Sessions is literally Mister Magoo.

Trump’s Support Among Blacks Has Doubled Since 2017

Blacks are doing far better under Trump than Obama.