Friday, August 23, 2019

Stephen Miller is Behind the Recent Purge at Homeland Security

Figures that the Jew Miller is the only one left trying to do MAGA.

Trump’s Attempts to Scare People With Socialism Isn’t Working

What type of bullshit re-election strategy is this?

Texas is Being Overrun with Beaner Filth

Texas is turning into Mexico.

Fake News CNN Claims California Will Not Fall Into the Pacific Ocean

This means California could in fact fall into the Pacific Ocean because CNN only reports lies.

Democrats Rage After Mueller’s Pitiful Congressional Performance

I'd be angry also if I invested all this time and energy in believing this insane and retarded hoax.

Over Two-Thirds of Americans Don’t Believe Epstein Suicide Narrative

The Epstein story represents another big blow to the credibility of the Jew media.

#MeToo: New Yorker Fires Ryan Lizza

#MeToo claims another!

FBI Says They Can’t Reveal Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive Until October 2018

What type of bullshit is this? Guess they need some time to come up with a proper cover story!