Pentagon May Send 300 Troops to Process Invaders

What's the point of the American military if it isn't used to secure our borders?

DOJ Kike Rosenstein Claims No Reason to Fire Mueller

This Jew weasel along with Mueller both need to be fired.

Thousands of Gun Grabbing Whores and Faggots Take to the Streets

Lots of Jewish shekels have gone into financing these marches.

Roy Moore Launching Fund to Investigate Vote Fraud

Hopefully Moore is able to expose some of the chicanery. It is almost certain that there was vote fraud in the Senate race.

Chicago: 35 Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend

The solution to all this violence is to raise taxes to pay for programs.

Jew-Left to Organize Protests Against Border Security

The Jew-left wants the country flooded with drugs and third world orcs.

76 Percent Approved of Trump’s State of the Union Speech

The American people are also really stupid.

Mexico Still Thinks That They Aren’t Paying for the Border Wall

Mexico will pay for the wall in one form or another.

Caravan Invaders Demand Trump Pay Them $50,000

This is why we need to start shooting illegal alien invaders.

Classified Emails Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Just what in the hell was going on here?