Saturday, August 17, 2019

Republican National Committee Restores Support for Roy Moore

The RNC should have never pulled their support to begin with.

High School Science Project Exposes Racial IQ Differences

An investigation has been launched because someone dared to state obvious facts about race.

If Trump is Working for a Foreign Power It is Israel Not Russia

The Russia hoax has been misdirection.

FBI Arrests “White Supremacist” for Making Joke on Facebook

Making jokes on the Internet is literally terrorism.

Ilhan Omar Attacks America Calls Us a Bunch of Racists

She should go back to Somalia if she feels this way but she won't.

California Plans to Sue Trump Over National Emergency Declaration

A wall should be built around California.

Trump Says He Has No Attorney General

Jeff Sessions has been a miserable failure.

Trump Claims We Can Fight Fake News on Social Media

Not possible. Everyone is getting banned.

Migrant Caravan Army Says They Won’t Invade America

I don't think I believe these assholes but we'll see what happens.

NYT Publishes Fake News About White House Lawyer Turning on Trump

The Russia hoax is built entirely on fake news and lies.