Friday, August 23, 2019

Suspected ISIS Soldier Arrested in Sacramento

And everybody got upset when Trump talked about banning Moslems.

Email Proves Google Tried to Help Elect Hillary Clinton

We already knew this but it's good to have even more proof.

California Tries to Bring Back Net Neutrality

These California Jews and Marxists are trying to take a big dump on our tubes!

Republican Office Gets Shot Up in Florida

There's nothing wrong with this because Republicans are literally Hitler.

Judge Bars Trump From Refusing Asylum to Illegal Aliens

The Jews went judge shopping and found a judge who hates America.

Trump Goes On Epic Tweetstorm

As great as the tweets are, they are not being backed up with any substantive action.

NYC Mayor Announces Free Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens are more important than Americans according to this asshole.

Aztec Savages Bringing Disease to America

They're bringing disease and death to America.

Pocahontas Officially Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

The fake injun bitch doesn't stand a chance.

Marco Rubio Goes Full Scarface on Venezuela’s Leader Maduro

Marco Rubio has become the real life incarnation of Tony Montana.