Communist Nigger Wins Florida Democrat Primary

This is more proof that the Democrat party has gone full retard.

Trump Asks Congress Where Wall Funding Is

Congress is not serious about national security unless it involves bombing sand apes for the Jews of Israel.

Trump Threatens to Kill Aid to Central America Over Caravan

This caravan business is being organized by leftists to try and make Trump look bad before the midterms.

Florida Election Recount is Underway

Democracy is a joke system.

John Kelly Out as Chief of Staff

Not a surprise as this was rumored for awhile.

Fake News Propagandists Honored at New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Subversive liars deserve no such honors.

Nancy and Chuck Reject Trump’s Wall Compromise

Nancy and Chuck hate America and hate the American people.

Tulsi Gabbard Kicks Off Presidential Campaign

She's against Jewish wars unlike other Democrats who are for Jewish wars.

Stephen Miller Spars With Chris Wallace on Wall National Emergency

Two Jews spar over the border wall.

Trump Trashes Ann Coulter on Twitter Over Border Wall Progress

I definitely did not want to see this.