Saturday, April 10, 2021

Border Wall Prototype Testing Commences!

We want that wall built!

Media Hoaxes Story on Subpoena of Trump’s Bank Records

More fake news from the fake news media.

John Conyers’ Son and Appointed Successor is a Stupid Nigger

And this nigger might be in Congress? lol

Republican National Committee Restores Support for Roy Moore

The RNC should have never pulled their support to begin with.

Christopher Cantwell Granted Bond!

He's been unjustly held as a political prisoner for over 100 days.

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Travel Ban to Take Effect

Finally the ban is moving forward.

Donald Trump Throws His Full Support Behind Roy Moore in Alabama Senate Race

Trump's endorsement makes it even more likely that Moore is going to win.

Alt-Right Protests Kate Steinle Verdict in Washington DC

A solid demonstration complete with American flags.

ABC News Suspends Brian Ross for Fake News on Trump, Flynn and Russia

Finally a reporter gets punished for reporting fake news!