Saturday, October 19, 2019

Trump Says He’s Not Planning on Firing Mueller

We'll see what happens. The firing could still take place.

Trump’s Lawyers Say That Mueller Obtained 10,000 Emails Ilegally

Rumor has it that Trump is going to fire Mueller before Christmas. Let's hope this happens.

Trump Calls Out Russia Investigation as a Democrat Hoax

Hopefully this ridiculous witch hunt can be put to an end.

Skanks Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct Were Paid by Donors

You mean these women were paid by a Jewish lawyer to lie? How shocking!

James Fields Charged With First-Degree Murder

There is no justice in the American justice system.

Roy Moore Refuses to Concede Defeat

Good to see Moore refuse to concede. He needs to demand a recount of the paper ballots.

Reports Claim Paul Ryan Will Quit Congress in 2018

Hopefully this turns out to be true.

Nigger Eric Holder Says Removing Bob Mueller Won’t be Tolerated

This nigger should shut his nigger mouth and fuck off back to Africa.

FCC Ends Net Neutrality Despite Security Threat

The tears about this are hilarious.

#MeToo Claims First Kill

Let's hope this is the start of a trend.