Friday, November 22, 2019

Jew Chuck Schumer Calls Cops Over Sexual Harassment Allegation!

The Jew Chuck Schumer needs to resign the Senate over this.

Thousands Demand “Death to Israel” at Hezbollah Rally

These people are very unhappy with the Jews.

Sweden: Attempted Arson Against Jew Building

The Jew hate in Sweden and around the world is escalating.

Jew Security Guard Stabbed By Palestinian

Jews are getting attacked everywhere!

Israel: Thousands of Jews Demand Benjamin Netanyahu’s Resignation

These protesters want Israel to be multicultural and we support that.

Synagogue Firebombed in Sweden After Jerusalem Protest March

It's truly terrible to see anti-Semitism increasing around the world!

Kikess Sarah Silverman Says She’s Afraid of the American Flag

We should all thank this Jewish bitch for advancing American Nationalism to the masses.

Israel Launches Air Strikes in Gaza

When will these Arabs rise up and destroy the Jews once and for all?