Tuesday, November 19, 2019

#DeleteFacebook Picking Up Steam

Anybody who still has an account on this awful kike controlled service should delete it immediately.

Israel Admits to Destroying Syrian Nuke Facility in 2007

Fuck these demented kikes. Israel needs to be wiped off the face of the planet.

Negro Lawmaker Apologizes for Saying the Jews Control the Weather

While there is no proof, it would not surprise me if the Jews actually did control the weather.

Jews Whine About “Great Leaders” Book Including Hitler

These kikes just won't shut the fuck up will they?

Nazi Alleged to Have Helped Kill 300,000 Jews Passes Away

Rest in Peace Oskar. We all know the Holocaust is a Jewish hoax. You did nothing wrong.

Putin Says Jews Could Have Meddled in American Election

Jews are at the center of hoaxing this dumb Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Ann Coulter Goes After the Jewish (((Globalists)))

Ann Coulter is far more of an asset than any cam whore or Alt-Lite snake oil salesman.

Netanyahu Questioned by Police for Five Hours

It's looking increasingly unlikely that Bibi will survive this.