Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Facebook to Begin Ranking Trustworthiness of Media Outlets

Any media operation that does not agree with Jews will be deemed untrustworthy.

Jews Launch Missile Attacks Against Syria

These Jews just don't stop do they?

Israel Demands War Against Iran Via Powerpoint

This is another Jewish hoax to get America to wage a new war for them.

Palestinian Protests on Gaza-Israel Border Rage For 5th Straight Week

This is a bad look for Israel. They keep gassing and shooting protesters.

Germany: Hateful Islamophobic Jews Protest Moslems

What the fuck kikes? What's with this Islamophobia?

Fat Kike Amy Schumer Hospitalized With Kidney Infection

It's divine punishment for her horrible movies.

Obnoxious Kike Gilbert Gottfried Admits Jews Control the World

This is not a joke. Jews have immense power.

Jewess Amy Schumer Falsely Claims She is White

She also said she should have been replaced with a nigger in her shitty new movie.

Israel Reportedly Has Homosexual Blackmail Material on Lindsey Graham

The report claims that the Jews have material proving that Graham likes sucking on another man's ding-dong.