Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Russia Insider Praises the Alt-Right and Starts Naming the Jew

Another Alt-Media site has finally decided to start exposing these evil kikes!

Kike Kurt Eichenwald Accuses Fox News of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy

This insane kike has gone even more insane!

Israel Paying Citizens to Help Deport Illegal Aliens

This same program should be implemented in all White countries.

Kike Weinstein Slapped in His Ugly Kike Face!

Surprising that this kike hasn't tried to flee to Israel yet!

Kike Judge Blocks Deportation of 1,400 Iraqi Criminals

This kike should be arrested and stuff in a camp.

Jew Stan Lee Accused of Groping and Demanding Sex From Nurses

The old Jew was demanding oral sex from nurses!

Jews Leaving France Because of Jew Hating Moslems

What's the matter Jews? Don't like multiculturalism? Don't like enrichment? You racist kikes!

Jew Stephen Miller Wrecks Jew Jake Tapper on CNN

Miller might be a Jew, but he's one of the President's best advocates and is good at dealing with the fake news Jews.